Web Based, Mobile Survey & Poll Management

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Please take a look at this list of frequently asked questions about EagleView. If you have any further questions, please contact EagleView Customer Support.

What is EagleView?

Eagle view is an online survey builder tool with advanced notions such as customized questionnaires. Eagle view assists you to create questionnaires and online surveys in minutes and view the results in real time. The survey characteristics endow you to conduct complicated surveys and make expert reports.

What are the applications of EagleView?

Eagle View provides tremendous value in numerous scenarios such as:

  • Any Small & Medium Businesses
  • Manufacturing & Engineering
  • IT Software Services
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Government Organizations & Associations etc…
  • Large Enterprises

What does Eagle View do?

  • Provide online survey to the organizations
  • Simple solution to get feedback from the users, clients, vendors and other internal & external professionals
  • Unlimited questions
  • Helps to customize the business products & services based on the users need
  • Survey statistics will help to improve the business
  • Automated Remainders
  • Reduces human errors & delays in data consolidation
  • Helps Employers / Managers to electronically understand feedback from different users

How can I get Licensing and Pricing details?

Who is the Organization? What do they do?

The organization is an administrator. They have complete access to use the EagleView product and set privileges to sub-admin users and others.

How many users can be created in an organization?

Unlimited no of users in the organization can be created.

What are the Reports that I would receive out of EagleView?

EagleView offers a wide range of customizable reports to satisfy the needs of the most demanding organization. You can get a number of comprehensive reports about information on survey response details. Reports can be previewed online and also be exported as PDF, excel or word.

How many questions can be created in survey?

Unlimited no of questions can be created in a survey.

What is user group? What does it means?

The organization will create the users group. The organization may have different type of employees like (Managers, Supervisors, Employee etc…), EagleView will provide the privileges to all of them based on their designation.

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